Quality Standards

At Precision Technology Inc., we pledge to provide total customer satisfaction. Our goal is to satisfy customer requirements by delivering a defect free product at a reasonable cost in a timely fashion in accordance to the customer's schedule.

We measure our quality in an effort to continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System which includes measurements of: supplier performance, material and internal defects, monitored product returns, on time delivery and customer satisfaction

Quality, dedication and customer satisfaction is the goal of every team member and process at PTI. Our quality program, led by the Quality Assurance Manager, actively prevents, monitors and responds to product and process defects.

Quality checks are built into our processes at every step:

  • Parts receipt - All parts are checked for quality and received onto our ESD free facility to prevent damage.
  • Inventory - Inventory is stored in a climate and static controlled environment to prevent damage. Sensitive parts are accurately labeled and vacuum sealed to prevent damage from humidity.
  • Material handling - Materials are passed throughout the shop using ESD trays and ESD packaging. Each transfer of materials or product is a direct supervisor-to-supervisor hand-off, and tracked in our industry specific ERP system. Transfers are also identified through our product tracking sheet and signed for as they move through the various assembly steps.
  • SMT - Within the SMT department, quality checks are done when capturing the BOM into the SMT program, developing the program, pre and post screen printing, pre-reflow, and a 100% check for polarity, placement, soldering and component accuracy for first articles.
  • Touch-up - Our touch-up technicians are IPC-610A trained at our on-site training facility. Our Quality processes provide clear communication to the touch-up department so they can quickly and accurately identify the work they need to do on each assembly.
  • Quality Control - Our quality control department uses a combination of experienced technicians and the most advanced automated Inspection machines available. Each board is inspected using one of our four AOI machines and a human quality inspector after each phase of assembly and before final shipment.